Affiliation to Sports Council (Rule 3) Membership of the Sports Council shall be open to all sports organisations/individuals operating or intending to operate in the borough, subject to acceptance of the constitution and any restrictions imposed by the Sports Council. The Sports Council reserve the right to refuse membership where thought necessary or desirable. Each sports organisation/individual accepted for membership under rules 3(a) may be requested to pay a small fee in the future, but membership is free for 2024. Fees would only only be a few pounds.

Joining the Sports Council 

Membership of the Sports Council is open to all sports organisations and/or individuals operating or intending to operate in the Borough.

Each sport organisation/individual accepted for membership shall pay an affiliation fee(free 2024) Each sport organisation shall be entitled to nominate two delegates to attend meetings. 

By joining, you will receive a monthly invite to our meetings, which you may or may not decide to act upon. Meetings are held at 8pm , Hornchurch Cricket Club off the Hornchurch Road, by the Leisure Centre.
We aim to help the borough and clubs by
  •  Assessing the sporting needs of the London Borough of Havering 
  •  Assisting with information of available sporting facilities throughout the borough
  • To assist Havering Council or any other authority requiring assistance by advising on the collective opinions of local sports interests for the future planning for sports facilities
  • To encourage schools, school leavers and youth to participate in sport
  • To consider and take action as deemed necessary on reports and recommendations from other organisations concerning the interest of sport.
  • To assist where necessary in organising events to further sporting interests in the 

Advantages of belonging to Havering Sports Council:

  • Opportunity to promote your club 
  • Free first aid, health and safety and child protection courses run by the borough. 
  • Havering Sports Council is an organisation to which you may bring your Club's concerns and problems, to see if we can assist. This would be by attending meetings and putting your views across to other clubs and your elected councillors. 
  • The Sports Council organises and promotes the annual Havering Sports Awards.
  • The Sports Council is called upon to comment on Lottery applications.
  • Bursaries are available for individuals when finance allows
  • Listing on the website.