Romford Rifle and Pistol Club

RRPC are again representing the Mayor and Havering in the annual London Inter Boroughs competition. Our team of six shoot three initial stages on our home 25 yard range. These stages are then sent off for scoring and the top scoring five boroughs compete in the final which is held at a club in Richmond. The final is shot at 100 yards and the targets are 2 inch clay discs (like shooting at stars) and it is the team that is the quickest at demolishing its discs that wins.

Trials for the 2019 Dewar international competition were held on 15 June and three of our members were invited to attend. To be invited you have to achieve a high placing at the Bisley National Championship in either A or X class. The three invited were Chris Ingram (club captain), Geoff Webb and Dan Lake. Chris and Geoff made the team but unfortunately Dan missed out by 2 points!