Fred Alsop, now in his 80s, is Havering Athletic Club's greatest ever athlete - having been selected for 3 Olympics in the 1960s. So when an athlete comes along who can beat one of Fred's Club records, which has stood since 1964, he truly deserved the kudos this feat attracted. Shandell's 2018 improvement was eye-catching as he progressed from a good standard Club athlete to being our UK No.1 ranked long jumper. June saw him win the South of England Championship which was quicly followed by a silver medal in the England Athletic Championship with a new Under-20 Club record leap of 7.78 metres - which also beat that senior record held by Fred Allsop and secured his place at the top of England's age-group rankings. In the senior table, it was the 6th longest ever witnessed.  When not long-jumping, Shandell proved himself to be a real team player as he gained League points for his Club in the high jump, triple jump, sprints and relays.
Selectors recongised his potential by including him as one of 30 in their National 2018 Talented Athletes Sponsorship Scheme, which aims to support youth-age group athletes as they make their way into senior competition. British Athletics have identified him as one capable of making their World Class Podium Potential Programme in future years.
Talented Jordan has been a member of Havering Tennis Club since he was aged 3 and has continued to make great progress over the years.  Nowadays he is his Club's Assiatant Coach and Captain.  Combining coaching and playing isn't easy, as he often has to quickly get from  coaching duties to be match-ready for competition within minutes. But he does it, and with success. Few sports participants can claim to complete an entire season undefeated, but Joran can proudly claim that distinction, as he went unbeaten for an entire season in the Men's Division and The Mixed Doubles Division in the local Leagues.  At higher level his record at County standard is worthy of commendation.