Havering Sports Council is the collective voice for sport in the borough and is the body with which Havering Council consults on issues relating to sport.

 The objectives of the Sports Council:

  • To assess the sporting needs of the London Borough of Havering
  • To examine the need for improving existing facilities and the provision of new facilities
  • To assist with information of available sporting facilities throughout the borough
  • To assist Havering Council or any other authority requiring assistance by advising on the collective opinions of local sports interests for the future planning for sports facilities
  • To encourage schools, school leavers and youth to participate in sport
  • To consider and take action as deemed necessary on reports and recommendations from other organisations concerning the interest of sport.
  • To assist where necessary in organising events to further sporting interests in the borough

In addition, Havering Sports Council organises and promotes the annual Havering Sports Awards, publishes a handbook listing and promoting affiliated clubs, publishes a newsletter and, when funds are available, can provide limited financial assistance to individuals. The Sports Council can also be called on by Sport England to comment on any Lottery applications made by clubs based in the borough.

Advantages of belonging to Havering Sports Council:

  • Listing in the handbook and website.
  • Opportunity to promote your club through newsletter articles.
  • Opportunity to promote your club on the Sports Council stand at the Havering Show
  • Assistance with payments for first aid, health and safety and child protection courses run by the borough
  • Opportunity to attend meetings and put your views across
  • The Sports Council organises and promotes the annual Havering Sports Awards.
  • There is an opportunity to promote and have your club/organisation name promoted in this brochure.
  • The Sports Council is called upon to comment on Lottery applications.
  • They can provide assistance with payments for first-aid, health & safety and child protection courses run by the Borough.