Online Membership



Please complete the online form and send in your affiliation fee: £5.00 for clubs/organisations or £2.00 for individual members as below. 

Please use BACS to transfer the fee and include your club in the notes field. Bank: HSBC Hornchurch Account No: 81402552, Sort Code: 40-24-30. Alternatively, cheques made payable to Havering Sports Council) or cash can be paid at monthly meetings.

Affiliation to Sports Council (Rule 3) Membership of the Sports Council shall be open to all sports organisations/individuals operating or intending to operate in the borough, subject to acceptance of the constitution and any restrictions imposed by the Sports Council. The Sports Council reserve the right to refuse membership where thought necessary or desirable. Each sports organisation/individual accepted for membership under rules 3(a) shall pay an affiliation fee. Each sport organisation shall be en

Joining the Sports Council 

Membership of the Sports Council is open to all sports organisations and/or individuals operating or intending to operate in the Borough.

Each sport organisation/individual accepted for membership shall pay an affiliation fee. Each sport organisation shall be entitled to nominate two delegates to attend meetings. 

Advantages of belonging to Havering Sports Council: 

To promote the Members and to encourage participation in sport across the Borough.

To assist Members by understanding the sporting needs of the Borough and its sports clubs and to help, where possible, with catering for these needs

To examine the need for improving existing facilities and to assist with the provision of new facilities.

To assist with the dissemination of information relating to available sporting facilities throughout the Borough

To assist the Havering Council and any other authority requiring assistance by advising generally on the collective opinions of local sports interests for the future planning for sports facilities

To take such steps as appropriate to encourage school-leavers and youths to continue to participate in sport.

To consider and take such action as the Sports Council deems necessary upon reports and recommendations from any organisation on matters always concerning the interests of sport and to act independently of any other official body within the Borough.

To assist where necessary in organising events to further sporting interests in the Borough.

To promote and circulate Clubs activities when appropriate.

To assist and provide guidance to Members where appropriate.

To promote and reward Clubs and participants through awards and bursaries to support outstanding achievement and encourage talent.



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